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Did You Know … we can design your website for just £20?

Friday, March 5th, 2010

In March we’re celebrating our BIGGEST promotion ever – for just £20 we’ll design your brand new, bespoke website.

Yes, this may look too good to be true but it’s really not! When you order any simplewebhosting.co.uk merck propecia hosting plan, we’ll create a three-page website for your business or organisation for just £20.

We don’t use off-the-shelf templates for any of our web designs; whether you pay £20 or £2000, every single web site we produce is individually created by our talented web designers.

Find out more and get yourself online today.

Why Web Hosting Uptime Is Important

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Picture the scene. You are looking for a website as you want to buy a book on how to market your business. The first thing you do is type ‘marketing books’  into your favourite search engine. Slowly, you begin to work your way through the results that the search engine throws up. Most of them are the usual rubbish but you find one that looks good. You click the link.

To your huge annoyance, the page doesn’t load and a message comes up telling you the website is down. Slightly disheartened, you return to your search page and continue to browse. Are you ever going to visit that website again to have a look at what they have to sell? No, you aren’t. You will find another one that offers the product you want and you will buy from there.

The point of that example was to illustrate how detrimental downtime can be to a business. If your online presence is not around at the time someone is doing the research for how to spend their money, then you aren’t going to get the custom of that person. They will simply carry on looking and find someone else. Search engines throw up thousands of results for almost every product a customer could possibly want, so one website that ends up being down is not of massive importance to any prospective buyer.

Webmasters propecia merck are constantly fighting to ensure that their percentage uptime is as high as possible. The best hosting packages wear their uptime on their chests like badges of honour as it is perhaps the single most important thing for a package. Your pages can be covered in fancy coding and beautifully written content, but all of that means absolutely nothing if people cannot access your website because your host is experiencing downtime.

Quite simply, uptime equals success. The more time your website spends online, the more chance you have of an interested party coming across it and deciding to contact you as to your products and services. It is simply a case of longer exposure time leading to more chance of being seen. It makes logical sense, which means that it is imperative that you select your web host carefully, making sure they have a good reputation for keeping pages online and not falling apart every time a page gets a high level of traffic.

So the crux of the matter is that any website that wants to make money needs to make sure that they are online for as long and consistent a time as possible as this shows not only reliability on the part of the company, but also allows the interested person to gain information about your business and products, which means they know what they are buying and have the facility to buy it.

Uptime is what makes a website tick and therefore, uptime can keep your business ticking and downtime… well downtime stops the clock.

simplewebhosting.co.uk offers all web hosting customers an uptime guarantee. We guarantee that your website will be available 99.9% of every month (but of course, we aim for 100%!) You can view our uptime reports for the last 12 months and see proof that we’ve never even once failed our uptime guarantee.

Did You Know … simplewebhosting.co.uk has its own YouTube channel?

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Here at simplewebhosting.co.uk, we’ve been providing web hosting for a while now (in fact we’ll be celebrating our tenth birthday next year!) and something we worked out a long time ago was that people prefer to be shown how to do something rather than trying to read from a set of printed instructions. So we commissioned a wide range of video tutorials covering everything from setting up your e-mail address to work with Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail to how to publish propecia 5mg your website using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or FTP.

We’ve now taken this a step further and have a growing selection of tutorial videos created just for simplewebhosting.co.uk customers. All available in full HD, our tutorials give you step-by-step instructions on all sorts of topics such as ‘How to add a WordPress blog to your simplewebhosting.co.uk Advanced Plan’ and ‘Serif WebPlus X2 – How to publish your website for the first time with simplewebhosting.co.uk’.

You can view all of our simplewebhosting.co.uk videos on our YouTube channel at www.simplewebhosting.tv (or directly on YouTube at www.youtube.com/simplewebhosting

If you have a suggestion for a future simplewebhosting.co.uk tutorial video, contact us and we’ll get right on it!

Did You Know … we’ve not increased our prices in TEN years?

Friday, February 19th, 2010

We might be out of recession but that’s no excuse to start raising web hosting prices. In fact, we’ve NEVER raised the cost of web hosting services. If you buy our Starter Plan today, you pay exactly the same price you would have done if you’d bought it on 18th October, 2001 when our website looked like this:

… or if you buy our Advanced Plan today, you pay exactly the same price you would have done if you’d bought it on 1st February, 2004 when our website looked like this:

We believe this shows our commitment to providing the best web hosting service at the best prices. In fact, we guarantee it!

buy cheap propecia alt=”” width=”533″ height=”176″ />

You can find out more about our guarantees on our web hosting pages.

Nearly half of the UK population now shop online!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Almost half of adults in the UK purchased goods online during the last three months of 2009 according to survey data released by The British Population Survey.

This compares to 45.4% for the same period in 2008. Searching online for medicine without prescriptions information on products or services people are thinking of purchasing has also risen to a new total of 54.5%. These rises during 2009 come on the back of a further increase in the overall percentage of the population who have access to the Internet. Nearly three out of every four adults now has access to the Internet.

So now is the best time ever for selling online. simplewebhosting.co.uk can have your online webshop up and running in just a few days. Along with our partnership with Sage Pay, your online store will handle your customers’  complete purchasing process from choosing what they want to buy right through to paying securely with their credit or debit card.

So whether you’re selling scale rules or sausages – our e-commerce software is perfect for you!

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