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Meet Our Customers – Dr Rosemary Leonard

Dr Rosemary Leonard

Dr Rosemary Leonard is one of the leading ‘media-medics’ in the country, having worked in the national press for over 20 years, and appearing regularly on BBC breakfast for over a decade. Known to be the voice of common sense, Dr Rosemary is in demand as a consultant to the pharmaceuticals industry as well as her normal media work. Despite these pressures, she is still a ¾ time GP in South London.

We looked to create a website for Dr Leonard to increase her public profile and approached a number of companies. We were initially attracted to simplewebhosting.co.uk by their clear pricing structure, and as soon as we spoke to them it was clear that this was the company we’d been looking for.

The service from simplewebhosting.co.uk has been absolutely fantastic.
They were very helpful explaining to us the various stages involved with putting a site on the web, and seemed to have an intrinsic understanding of our requirements. We were really happy with the website design, and they created it so fast the limiting factor was us supplying them with the content!

Once the site was up and running, the service has remained top-notch, with regular calls to check everything’s running smoothly, and answering any questions we had without delay.

What could simplwebhosting.co.uk do better? The only thing we could possibly think of was to be able to provide us with a ‘users manual’ for the maintenance and simplechanges software, as we felt guilty constantly asking them to explain to us how to do things! (Editor’s Note: Thanks for the feedback – this is something we are going to work on.)

Most of all, they have been friendly and helpful, no matter how big or small the problem or question was. The service from simplewebhosting.co.uk has surpassed all of our expectations, and without a shadow of a doubt we would recommend them wholeheartedly. You can view Dr Rosemary’s website.

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