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Meet Our Customers – Xkeys Ltd

In the latest installment of our ‘Meet Our Customers‘ feature, we hear from Richard Bernstein and his team at Xkeys Ltd. Richard founded his business in 1996 and has been using simplewebhosting.co.uk since 1999.

Xkeys Ltd

Xkeys Ltd run three camps for children from around the world. XUK (Experience UK),  a summer residential camp for children and teens aged 6-17; Cross Keys, a specialist day camp where 6-13 year olds choose to focus on sport, art or drama each week and 4-5 year olds take part in a wider range of activities; Mini Minors, their largest day camp where children aged 3-13 split into smaller age groups to take part in a huge range of activities.

Xkeys Ltd and simplewebhosting.co.uk

Richard’s company is very forward thinking and was one of the first in its industry to introduce online booking for its camps.

It was essential that if we were going to encourage parents to book online, that we had a partner that we trusted to provide a reliable service” Richard told us.

simplewebhosting.co.uk has been exactly that. Reliable. In the ten years we have worked together I can’t remember a single time when our website or e-mail has been unavailable.

So if you’re dreading the school holidays, give Richard and his team a call to find out how they can keep your little ones entertained!

Find out how you can be included in a future ‘Meet Our Customers’ feature.

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  1. Mark says:

    This is great information and we have now called xkeys for information for our children! I also hope you can help us develop our site as we love what we see. I’ll call in the next few days! Keep the good work up!

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