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Did You Know … we’ve not increased our prices in TEN years?

Friday, February 19th, 2010

We might be out of recession but that’s no excuse to start raising web hosting prices. In fact, we’ve NEVER raised the cost of web hosting services. If you buy our Starter Plan today, you pay exactly the same price you would have done if you’d bought it on 18th October, 2001 when our website looked like this:

… or if you buy our Advanced Plan today, you pay exactly the same price you would have done if you’d bought it on 1st February, 2004 when our website looked like this:

We believe this shows our commitment to providing the best web hosting service at the best prices. In fact, we guarantee it!

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You can find out more about our guarantees on our web hosting pages.

Why UK web hosting is best for UK web hosting customers

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

In the ever-shrinking world we live in, we’re constantly being told that we can buy just as easily from across the pond as we can in our own high street. There are cases when this is true. Until the pound hit its slump recently, you could buy an iPod, for example, for around £40 cheaper in the USA than you could here in Great Britain.

But what about web hosting? Web hosting looks like it could be cheaper in the USA so should you buy from abroad?

The answer is no. UK web hosting (usually) means UK business. Apart from the obvious benefits of keeping your money in the UK and supporting UK industry and UK jobs there are very important benefits to your website and to your search engine rankings.

UK web hosting means your website will have a UK-allocated IP address which in turn will mean better search engine positioning in the UK search engine listings.

Although most of the Internet is lightening fast, the laws of physics make it obvious that connecting to a website on a UK web server will be much quicker when you’re in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland than trying to connect to a website hosted in America.

UK web hosting will provide UK web hosting technical support. No language or accent barriers. No time difference to worry about. No international call charges.

It’s also important think about what would happen if something goes wrong with your web hosting. Taking legal action against a UK web hosting company is a lot easier than trying to chase a web hosting provider half-way across the globe.

So we hope you’ll get your UK web hosting from simplewebhosting.co.uk, but if you don’t at least buy UK web hosting from a UK web hosting company!

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