Nursery Funding Guide

As part of the national funding for three and four year olds each child of this age is entitled to funding of five sessions of two and a half hours length each. This means that for the first five sessions of your childs week at nursery only half fees are payable, with the other half being paid by the government. Any extra sessions that are taken after the first five are then charged at full price. In accordance with the grant guidelines no more than two sessions may be taken in any one-day and each session must be separated by a one-hour break. Unfortunately this means that we are unable to offer just a morning or afternoon session that is paid fully by the government as our sessions are not long enough to incorporate the one-hour break.

Other help may be available for parents by applying for tax credits from the Inland Revenue. You can visit their website or give them call.

Click to view the Inland Revenue
Tax Credits website
Tel: 0845 300 3900


  Once your child has reached their third birthday they then become eligible for funding commencing at the beginning of the term following their birthday so for instance if their birthday was on the 3rd of February then they would start receiving funding on the 1st of April at the beginning of the Summer term or if there birthday was on the 3rd August then they would receive funding from the beginning of the following Autumn term.

Each nursery year is split up into three terms these are as follows: -

Spring Term – 1st January to 31st March

Summer Term – 1st April to 31st August

Autumn Term – 1st September to 31st December

Unfortunately the government only provides this funding for thirty-nine weeks per year during school term times, therefore full fees are due for children during the un-funded period.

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