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Who will be looking after my child? We work under Ofsted guidelines to ensure that all our nursery staff have the relevant qualifications and experience and ensure that they pass all the necessary security checks to carry out the safe and caring supervision of your child in a warm, fun packed and stimulating environment.

What will my child be doing during the day? Each room has a play schedule to give your child a wide and interesting range of activities to help them to develop their social and physical skills, including outdoor play whenever the weather permits.

How is my child's progress recorded? As your child continues to attend our nursery we will monitor and record the progress they make along the learning curve. All progress will be recording on a child development record which you will take with you when your child leaves the nursery. Babies aged six weeks to two years old will have a daily diary completed by the member of staff caring for them. This will cover feed times, sleep times, nappy changes and any other information staff feel that parents would like to know.

Is Government funding available? Parents of children aged three and above will be able to take advantage of government funding towards the cost of their childcare. Each child will be assigned a member of staff who will ensure that the early years curriculum standards are met through play. Have a look at our Nursery Funding Guide.

Will my child be able to play outdoors? We have a safe and secure outdoor play area located within the outer fence of the nursery, this is protected by CCTV. The play area is used at every available opportunity, weather permitting, therefore we ask that parents bring suitable outdoor clothing and sun cream during the summer months.

Do you provide an out of school Club? In the spring of 2004 we shall be operating an out of-school-club, we shall be able to drop off and collect your child from school and provide school-holiday care.

Have you been inspected? The Brampton Day Nursery is registered under the governing body of Ofsted and is inspected by this organisation at their discretion. All reports from Ofsted will be available to see in the nursery and on the Ofsted website. All management and staff will be available for parents to talk to at any time during the nurseries opening hours and appointments can be made for confidential meetings if parents request them.

Do you provide well balanced meals? Breakfast will be provided for your child if they arrive before 9am. We have an experienced cook who will be providing your child with a wide range of nutritious meals which will be freshly prepared in our fully equipped kitchen. We can cater for the special dietary
requirements of your child if informed by you. Babies meals will be tailored to meet the stage of development of your child and where possible they will be given the same as the other children in a liquidized form. If your baby requires formula feeds then these need to be provided by you ready made up, we will be happy to store them in a refrigerator until they are required.

What times is the nursery open? We are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.30pm. We operate a morning session from 7.30am to 1pm and an afternoon session from 1pm to 6.30pm.

How much will all this cost me? Our prices are £15 for a morning or afternoon session or £26 for a full day. Children contracted for a full week will receive a discount of 15%. Therefore the cost of a full week is only £110.50. There will be an extra discount for those parents who wish to place two children with us fulltime, the cost of this provision would be only £210 for both children.

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