Portable high speed and geared turbine mixer
This standard range of clamp-mounted mixers gives convenient application and versatile use. The
lightweight alloy clamp permits adjustment of the mixer in two planes so that optimum operation is
achieved. Axial flow turbine impellers give ideal displacement/head characteristics.


Side entry mixers
A convenient method of mixing where the mixer can be incorporated through the side of
the tank. Shaft sealing is achieved through a mechanical seal or stuffing box.


High sheer cavitation mixers
Intense agitation is achieved through the use of disc impellers operating at high peripheral speed.
Most effective when used in the wetting out of solids in liquid and indispensable for such operations as
latex compounding where calcium carbonate imports a volume of air into the slurry.

  Contra-rotating agitators
Ideal for dealing with highly
viscous materials such as
pharmaceutical creams,
gums, elastomers, greases
and foodstuff.

Hinged scrappers, spring or
product loaded, give effective
movement of the product from
the vessel to ensure high
heat-transfer co-efficient and
reliable blending.

Picket fence agitators
Principally used in the
effluent treatment, this unit
performs sludge conditioning
and de-watering.

Extremely low speed is
essential for de-watering
where liquid is encouraged
to rise and can then be


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