We currently have four designs of card which can be easily filled out by the parent, guardian or carer to ensure that all information on the card is correct. The card is then encapsulated into a self-seal laminate pouch for durability.

safeTcard can be carried discreetly in a school bag or in a coat pocket and can be quickly located by a member of the emergency services should an incident happen. With the child's name and date of birth immediately available, the medical teams can make the injured child feel reassured by using their name.

Parents/carers telephone numbers are also displayed on the back of the card so that contact is made in the very first instance. Awareness is being raised with the emergency services who have given very positive advice and feedback. Correct assessment for treatment can be made quickly if awareness is raised regarding any relevant medical conditions - these can be listed on the reverse of the card i.e: diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, asthma or rare blood groups.


Each card costs just £2.95 (plus 30p postage and packaging) and can be ordered online with your credit or debit card or click here to print out an order form to post to us.

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