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Meet Our Customers – Video Production Workshop

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Video Production Workshop is a small video production company based in Central West London. “We like it here because it has great access to anywhere in UK and all major airports making it easy for us to travel to our work” said Managing Director, Phil Compton.

We produce a variety of films for production companies and blue chip clients direct. We have been in business for twenty eight years a lot of our work is now for the web and intranet.

simplewebhosting.co.uk has been our Internet host for five years or more and we consider them the best in their field, we also recommend them to all our clients, and there are none better or more reliable than simplewebhosting.co.uk. We have a very simple two page ‘corporate looking’ info only presence, which as we update equipment and facilities, we can update our site very easily and quickly to keep our clients informed of our changes. On here we can also direct clients to our latest reels.

We consider simplewebhosting.co.uk to be fab partner and are there for advice as and when we want. I’m not a techno wizard when it comes to design on the web, but simplewebhosting.co.uk’s new, easy to use, cPanel makes changes and updating very easy … we have had some great new clients take their business to us because of our site. You can view Video Production Workshop‘s website to find out more about them.

Meet Our Customers – Dr Rosemary Leonard

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Dr Rosemary Leonard

Dr Rosemary Leonard is one of the leading ‘media-medics’ in the country, having worked in the national press for over 20 years, and appearing regularly on BBC breakfast for over a decade. Known to be the voice of common sense, Dr Rosemary is in demand as a consultant to the pharmaceuticals industry as well as her normal media work. Despite these pressures, she is still a ¾ time GP in South London.

We looked to create a website for Dr Leonard to increase her public profile and approached a number of companies. We were initially attracted to simplewebhosting.co.uk by their clear pricing structure, and as soon as we spoke to them it was clear that this was the company we’d been looking for.

The service from simplewebhosting.co.uk has been absolutely fantastic.
They were very helpful explaining to us the various stages involved with putting a site on the web, and seemed to have an intrinsic understanding of our requirements. We were really happy with the website design, and they created it so fast the limiting factor was us supplying them with the content!

Once the site was up and running, the service has remained top-notch, with regular calls to check everything’s running smoothly, and answering any questions we had without delay.

What could simplwebhosting.co.uk do better? The only thing we could possibly think of was to be able to provide us with a ‘users manual’ for the maintenance and simplechanges software, as we felt guilty constantly asking them to explain to us how to do things! (Editor’s Note: Thanks for the feedback – this is something we are going to work on.)

Most of all, they have been friendly and helpful, no matter how big or small the problem or question was. The service from simplewebhosting.co.uk has surpassed all of our expectations, and without a shadow of a doubt we would recommend them wholeheartedly. You can view Dr Rosemary’s website.

Meet Our Customers – Xkeys Ltd

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

In the latest installment of our ‘Meet Our Customers‘ feature, we hear from Richard Bernstein and his team at Xkeys Ltd. Richard founded his business in 1996 and has been using simplewebhosting.co.uk since 1999.

Xkeys Ltd

Xkeys Ltd run three camps for children from around the world. XUK (Experience UK),  a summer residential camp for children and teens aged 6-17; Cross Keys, a specialist day camp where 6-13 year olds choose to focus on sport, art or drama each week and 4-5 year olds take part in a wider range of activities; Mini Minors, their largest day camp where children aged 3-13 split into smaller age groups to take part in a huge range of activities.

Xkeys Ltd and simplewebhosting.co.uk

Richard’s company is very forward thinking and was one of the first in its industry to introduce online booking for its camps.

It was essential that if we were going to encourage parents to book online, that we had a partner that we trusted to provide a reliable service” Richard told us.

simplewebhosting.co.uk has been exactly that. Reliable. In the ten years we have worked together I can’t remember a single time when our website or e-mail has been unavailable.

So if you’re dreading the school holidays, give Richard and his team a call to find out how they can keep your little ones entertained!

Find out how you can be included in a future ‘Meet Our Customers’ feature.

Meet Our Customers – Whitespace Publishers Ltd

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Lincolnshire PrideOur first installment in the ‘Meet Our Customers‘ series features one of our oldest (and we hope, happiest!) customers, Whitespace Publishers Ltd. Based in Boston in Lincolnshire, Whitespace produces a variety of publications including  Lincolnshire Bride and Groom, The Skeggy Guide and their flaghsip publication, Lincolnshire Pride.

Whitespace has been hosting with simplewebhosting.co.uk since 2001 and have also made great use of our web design service to manage the creation and day to day running of their flagship magazine’s web presence.

Managing Editor, Robin Davis demands the absolute best service when it comes to their company website. “Our advertisers need to know that their online presence is available  24/7 enabling them to maximise their return on investment.”

simplewebhosting.co.uk have proved themselves as experts when it comes to reliability. We just don’t experience the problems we’ve seen with other, much larger web hosts and the freephone technical support is amazing!”

With a team of 20 staff accessing e-mail constantly throughout the day and from around the county using mobile devices, reliability is key.

“Advertising and editorial copy is dropping into our mailbox constantly and, as in any publishing industry, deadlines are critical. simplewebhosting.co.uk ensures our office is never without service.”

Functionality is brilliant; our website doesn’t just work well but it looks great too which is important for a magazine that prides itself on exceptional design. Despite having no internal web design staff, we can still have a site that mataches the quality of our magazine in terms of feature set and development.”

Robin goes on to say “To me the best thing about simple web hosting is that we can create and manage our own e-mail addresses and that we have a good looking, editorially-rich site which we can easily content manage that provides us with multiple revenue streams.”

Find out how you can be included in a future ‘Meet Our Customers’ feature.

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