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Are you paying for your web hosting by Direct Debit yet?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

You’ve been asking us for all sorts of things over the past few months and by far the most popular has been for the facility to pay for your web hosting and domain name renewals by Direct Debit.

Direct Debit makes renewing your web hosting and domain names even simpler. No more worrying about your credit or debit card expiring or having to update your details when you get a new card.

If you’d like to pay your bills by Direct Debit instead of that pesky credit or debit card, login to your client area at www.simplewebhosting.co.uk/secure and click the Direct Debit link.

What are benefits of Direct Debit I hear you ask?

Direct debit is the preferred payment method for over 48% of the UK bill paying population because it provides so many advantages:

It spreads the costs
Spreading the cost of bills across the year, allowing easier budgeting.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind of knowing bills are being paid automatically and payment dates will not be missed.

It’s often cheaper
Apart from eliminating the expense of mailing cheques, it enables you to take advantage of the many direct debit discounts available.

It’s more convenient
Many organisations offer a choice of payment dates giving you the convenience of choosing a date that suits you best.

It’s guaranteed
The reassurance of knowing that every direct debit is protected by three main safeguards: an immediate money back guarantee from the bank or building society if an error is made, advance notice from the organisation if the date or the amount of the direct debit changes and ultimately, the right to cancel.

What’s left is available to spend
Paying regular bills by direct debit means it is easy to see what disposable income is left to spend after all other commitments have been met.

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