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Exciting new e-commerce offerings available now

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

We’re very pleased to be able to announce an exciting new e-commerce offering from simplewebhosting.co.uk

webshop from simplewebhosting.co.uk

webshop from simplewebhosting.co.uk is an extremely powerful shopping cart and website builder application. Designed from a marketing perspective, this e-commerce application is feature-packed, robust, scalable and easy to use. webshop from simplewebhosting.co.uk is the clear choice for serious merchants focused on rapidly and cost effectively deploying, managing and growing a successful web-based business.

webshop from simplewebhosting.co.uk buy phentermine is the first e-commerce software designed to increase sales, average order amount and customers to your store. Regardless of the size of your business, webshop from simplewebhosting.co.uk provides all the tools needs for success at a cost-effective price.

There are three easy ways to start selling online with your very own e-commerce store. You can choose to pay a flat monthly fee of £19.99 with no setup costs providing a great way to get started selling online with minimal initial outlay and no long-term commitment. You can pay a one-off fee of £289 or for £549 we’ll customise your store to look and work just how you want it.

Find out more by clicking the e-commerce tab on our website or visit our e-commerce pages.

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