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What domain name(s) should I register?

One of the questions we get asked most often by new customers is “What domain name(s) should I register?”

There are few factors you should take into account when deciding what type of domain name(s) you want for your new website.

Firstly, what type of website is it?

  • If you’re a charity or other non-profit making organisation then you might want to register a .org or .org.uk domain. This type of domain clearly shows visitors to your website what you’re about.
  • If your website is a personal or family website, you can register a .me or .me.uk domain name. Although technically the official domain of Montenegro, .me has been widely adopted as the domain name for personal websites. .me.uk would make a good UK alternative.
  • Businesses and commerical entities have quite a few different options. The most popular being .com for websites doing business around the world or .co.uk for UK companies. People often ask which is best? There’s no definative answer here but as a rule of thumb, if you’re located in the UK and predominantly do business in the UK, we’d recommend a .co.uk.

What about registering more than one domain? One way to get round the decision of whether you should choose a .com or a .co.uk is to register both! Domains name are so cheap these days that you can protect your brand for less than £20 a year for the two domains.

If buy online viagra you’re looking for 100% brand protection then you could end up spending a lot of money on registering domains. At simpledomainnames.co.uk we can currently register 59 different domains!

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