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Welcome to Sacred Site Tours
Take a step up the spiritual ladder, experience the magic of prehistoric Britain, and learn about important history, sacred geometry, sacred places, and sacred ceremony.

Whether you tour as a small group or a large one you will have the benefit of an experienced guide to give you an in-depth history of the Celts, the Druids, the Romans, who all contributed to the many layers of the British national tradition and culture.

Learn how the myths and legends of Britain have retained some of the unwritten facts of times before history was written.

Your interest may lay in the crop circle phenomena.

Magical Mystery Britain
Experience for yourself the world of the Celtic tribes, their strong affinity to the elements of the earth, sky, water, and air. Allow the majesty of Stonehenge and Avebury open your awareness to those wise ancient ones while awakening your own inner wisdom of other realms, through meditation, blessings and ceremony.

Bibbs Cameron Sinclair - Tour Guide & Tour Manager
Born a Celt, as a child my grandfather taught the songs, myths, legends, and battles of my Scottish ancestors.
Each year my family would go on outings to the holy wells, stone monuments, and climb the sacred mountains. Exposure to my Celtic roots during my youth, has an intrinsic attribute of the skills I offer those time travelers who want to sense, touch and have a true knowledge of the distant past which the history books can only record with there own version of the truth.

I have been a traveler since childhood. At eight, I left the UK and lived in Egypt for 5 years. Here I was exposed to a very different world. I was taken to all the sites before Egypt was a tourist destination. I remember my father lifting me into the sarcophagus in the central chamber of the pyramids a life changing experience. This led later to my becoming a guide in the Egyptology dept of the British museum.

I moved to the USA and lived there for 20 years. My interest in healing began in the British Museum so I began to study Reiki in the traditional Japanese manner and became a Reiki Master after a one-year apprenticeship.
I studied in Europe Aroma therapy, reflexology, sports therapy and massage, counseling, nutrition. While in the USA, I joined a group practicing Lakota rituals and spiritual practices of the Native Americans.

The group also supported a Tibetan Monk who was 108 years old but full of wisdom, which he willingly passed on, and a joy of life, which shone from him, even though he had been expelled from his native Tibet.

I belonged to the Buddhist Learning Center in New Jersey; here I met the Dalai Lama. I began studies in shamanism, which continues today.

Work experience
I specialize in working for many groups from the USA including:

Inner Light Discovery Tours California.

Dreamtime Journeys.
Florida, USA.

Diana Travel & Tours Custom Worldwide Travel.
New York State, USA.

Operation Europe
London - UK

The American Author of bestseller, 'Bringers of the Dawn' Barbara Marciniak and her groups to The UK and Europe. I have guided for post conference tours for the past 5 years. I custom research your tour to provide you with the specialized needs for your group.

Business Experience Tour guide and Tour manager Freelance. I have experience in Management, Sales, Public relations, having co founded and run the international business Sinclair Imaging.

I have worked for various travel companies including Cosmos, British Island Airways, Also as a flight director for a UK airline.

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