Our realisation for the need of a product of this nature came about literally by accident. The developer's eldest son lost control of his bicycle while on his way home from school and veered off the pavement and into the path of a van. Luckily the driver stopped and the son was fine although a little shaky and his pride had become dented!

There are nearly 10 million children of school age in the UK at any one time. Every day there are hundreds of accidents/incidents resulting in hospital treatment. Often there is no-one available who has the child's contact and essential medical information - delays like this can be fatal.

As a parent you always try to ensure your child's safety and security. This led us to think of 'what if' scenarios and questions began to surface in my mind. You see the only thing in my son's school bag which bears his name is his lunchbox, and, quite often he leaves it at school.

We thought that there must be a product out there that could safely offer important information should the worst ever happen and I was not there to speak for him. We began to do considerable research to find if there was a product already out there. In the USA there are ranges of Childs Emergency ID products but after purchase and shipping charges I realised that this would not be a cost effective option. There are a few organisations offering similar products in the UK and most are ranging from £5.99 upwards for a single card. I realise that whilst all our children are priceless, for a parent with several children of school age this could be a very expensive option. There is also the question relating to security - how to offer a card without having to divulge very personal information to strangers. Who knows how many people get to see this or where it ends up. After much communication with several national children's charities, Police, Ambulance and Fire services across the UK I finally found the answer. The demand for safeTcards was amazing and I knew that I should attempt to distribute them throughout the UK.

We've also had some very important interest:

The Sunday Times business section has featured a story about the safeTcard.
The Prime Minister has written to safeTcard.
The Rt. Hon. David Heathcoat-Armory has took an interest in the safeTcard.
The Home Secretary is also aware of our product .


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